The danger within

The recent Hatton Gardens raid has left people asking how secure their own property really is. Renard Systems UK can ensure that using the latest technology your company is protected securely from intruders and theft, and help you to look at all aspects of your business’ security.

The latest jewellery heist noted above raised speculation of this being an ‘insider job’.  Many companies can help themselves still further my managing the ‘back door’ and making sure that their assets are as secure as possible.  

Here are some of the main ways to help eliminate this potential and very real threat:


These are just a few tips based on our years of experience in the securities industry, which we hope you find useful.  

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Continual change of passcodes and passwords

We know it can be a nuisance to have to keep altering these, but we are all guilty of using the same number for our pin or password on various accounts, just for our own ease of reference.

 We would recommend changing your company’s passcodes and passwords at least 4 times a year.  If nothing else, this keeps you aware of who exactly has access to what, and constantly updates any necessary changes.

Provide keyholders and staff with different passcodes

Again, this is awkward to impose, but very worthwhile, since it may allow you to ascertain exactly who last activated the system.  Of course, internal theft of a passcode is not unknown either!

Disabling the passcodes for ex-employees as soon as possible

This is obvious, but easily overlooked.  A previous employee may well have a grudge, and is likely to be very conversant with the security and any potential weak areas.

Limit your inner circle

We have learned through our time in the business that insider information is leaked more readily and easily the higher the number of people who know about it.  If you can limit your security passcodes to only the necessary few, this again helps to protect your business.

Remote viewing CCTV

We can enable you to access this via your ipad, iphone or PDA for peace of mind whilst away from the office.