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Facial Recognition & Thermal Screening

A recent study by McKinsey asserts that prioritising innovation today is the key to unlocking post-crisis growth. Whilst global crises pose significant and often indeterminable dangers, they also present us with opportunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives and the evidence is there to suggest that the repercussions will continue to be felt as we move forward, with subsequent waves of infection and new viruses posing a very real threat. 

In a recent survey of more than 200 organisations across industries, over 90% of business owners and executives affirmed this sentiment and expect the fallout from COVID-19 to fundamentally alter the way they do business over the next five years.

More than three quarters of respondents agreed that the crisis will also create significant new opportunities. With a return to what we consider normality looking all the more improbable, it’s crucial to begin building the foundations for post-crisis growth in order to remain competitive in the recovery period. Therein lies the choice we face as businesses today irrespective of our industry.

Take control, proactively innovating and future-proofing in order to protect our employees and customers in the face of an uncertain future, or remain on standby hoping for the best.

Thermal Screening Technology – How it works to reduce risk in your commercial property

Thermal Screen Office Space Protection

Temperature Screening

Measure skin-surface temperatures to a high degree of accuracy, with no physical contact required.

Face Mask Detection

Use analytics to detect any individual not wearing a face mask in areas they are required to do so.

Occupancy Control

Automatically monitor and limit the number of people allowed in store at any one time.

Traffic Light Entry System

Determine whether a person can enter the premises based on temperature and capacity. Green allows entry while red asks them to wait.

Contactless Touch Free Access  

Touch free door entry and exit solutions allow for quick and easy access with no contact required.

AI technology ensures thermographic cameras only detect human skinsurface temperature to reduce false alarms of other heat sources.

Compensation algorithm ensures the temperature is compensated with ambient temperature and the distance of the measured target for better
Thermal technology has been applied widely in temperature screening
scenarios as it off ers more flexibility and efficiency in preliminary
screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures.

Renard Thermal Screening 3 Steps
Thermal Screening Tools

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